Live in sicily!!!

Live in Sicily!!!

We sometimes wonder about what it would be like to live somewhere other than where we live now. Click to enlarge We dream of living in a tropical place where it's sunny and warm everyday, preferably where the natives are friendly. Some of us prefer to live where we have family and friends. Others have no choice but to live where their job dictates, at least for now.

For those who are considering alternative living arrangements, Sicily may be of interest to you. If you have roots in Sicily, you can choose to live in the town of your origin. If you don't have roots in Sicily, you can choose to live in any of its beautiful, historical, and artistic towns. The climate is warm, the natives are friendly, and the food is excellent. You can easily enjoy all of the modern conveniences as you do now- computer, satellite TV, cell phone, clothes washer,, we don't use clothes dryers here. You would just have to hang your clothes out in the sun like everyone else. Click to enlarge Also, long distance phone calls from Sicily are now much lower, as low as 5 cents per minute to the USA. And, there is easy access to health care.

The service we offer here is house hunting for those who wish to either move here permanently or who wish to divide their time in Sicily and elsewhere. You can choose to either rent or buy. Transactions are made directly to the actual property owner using local realtors. Ultimately, you choose the place to rent or buy based on your needs, taste, and budget. We find the apartments or houses available from which you would choose or not. Also, a relatives search can be made to see if there are any existing relatives in town, unless, of course, you would rather not know. By the way, the average rent in Sicily is significantely lower than a comparable place in the USA.

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